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Align Your Energies

There are many benefits to receiving reiki on a regular basis. The deep relaxation from a session  promotes physical healing, mental healing and emotional healing.  Reiki can help you manage your stress level of daily life or when situations arise. 

Are you tired, exhausted and feeling run down? 

Reiki can balance and align your energy levels and support you in the days ahead to help you cope better with everyday stressors.  There are noted benefits to people's level of depression and anxiety with regular reiki sessions. 

Many of us are in constant fight, flight or freeze response, and our bodies are in constant stress which causes hormonal and physiological changes. Our bodies are not given the time to rebalance and adjust itself. When we give ourselves the space we need and honour our time in a session, powerful deep relaxation can occur and amazing healing can happen on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Reiki Treatment
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